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Income Protection Insurance

We understand the emotional strain the loss of a primary income earner’s salary can have on those closest to you. By joining us, your income immediately becomes cheaper to insure, as we return lost monies to your pocket.

Income Protection protects against the loss of one of your most valuable assets – your ability to earn money. By allowing Easy Refunds to refund commissions for you, you effectively make your income cheaper to protect.

It is estimated that about 30% of Australians will miss a three months of work at some stage due to injury or illness. Income protection insurance makes sense, and so does joining Easy Refunds.

Insurers We Work With We are able to collect commissions from the following insurers

AIA Australia Limited
AMP Life Limited
ClearView Life
MetLife Insurance
OnePath Life Limited
Income Protection

Case Sudy Tess – Solicitor, 26

Tess is a 26-year-old solicitor, with a young daughter. Three years ago she took out income protection insurance, paying premiums of $1520 pa. Tess’s financial planner helped her set up the policy and has been collecting ongoing trailing commissions each year since, this is despite giving no thought to a broad financial strategy.

Tess has just joined Easy Refunds and receives a $128 commission refund each year.

Tess is now able to spend this money on presents for her young daughter at Christmas time.

Income Protection

Case Sudy Greg, teacher, 28

Greg is a 28-year-old PE teacher who took out income protection insurance. He was concerned a major injury could leave him physically unable to work and, with no income, unable to service his mortgage.

Greg pays premiums of $985 per annum and his financial planner receives an ongoing commission of $160.

By joining Easy Refunds Greg now gets $72 refunded annually. He uses this to travel to Sydney to visit friends.

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