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Receive Commissions Rebates on Your Life Insurances in 3 Simple Steps

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HOW IT WORKS Claiming your trailing commissions

Commissions to Adviser

Commissions to Adviser

When you approach a financial adviser to organise your risk insurances including life and TPD, income protection, and trauma, your financial adviser is rewarded with both upfront commissions and trailing commissions.

Quick Sign Up with Easy Refunds

Quick Sign Up with Easy Refunds

You can easily get your money back! Join Easy Refunds and we’ll pass all commissions back to you as quickly as possible. Simply fill in our online form in 3 easy steps and we will take care of the rest from here.

Commissions Rebated Back to You

Commissions Rebated Back to You

You will receive a refund every January and July. Easy Refunds gets these commissions back into your pocket quickly and safely. All you have to do now is decide how to spend, save or invest it!


FINANCIAL PRODUCTS We support the following products

Life Insurance

Your life immediately becomes cheaper to insure, as we return lost monies to your pocket. Now you can insure your life for more, or enjoy the comfort of having a bit extra in your pocket right now!

Income Protection Insurance

The loss of a primary income earner’s salary can have strong emotional strain on those closest to you. By joining us, your income immediately becomes cheaper to insure, as we return lost monies to your pocket.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance protects you against the financial cost of traumatic health event. By refunding your commissions we help mitigate these costs by reducing your trauma insurance expenses.

TPD Insurance

Total and permanent disability insurance protects your family if you have a permanent injury or illness. We lower the costs of insuring these events as we send the commissions back into your pocket.


We are one of the most competitively priced commission rebate services in Australia. We are able to provide a low-cost yet efficient and arguably the best service because we automate our processes with smart systems. Our friendly team is always available where a case requires attentions so you can have absolute peace of mind.

We have substantial experience in the delivery of quality financial services to clients and in the delivery of various business to business services to finance professionals. Our staff are expert at ensuring that services are delivered efficiently and thoroughly.

GET YOUR REFUNDS TODAY Join Easy Refunds today and claim your money back!

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The team at our personal advice arm, Easy Advice, provides a comprehensive range of financial services to all of our clients. Our areas of expertise include life insurances, super and retirement, investment, tax, and estate planning.

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